House in Guelph finally sold.

Phew, that took just a little longer than expected!

Going to be out in Guelph Sept 8-11 to get everything moved out (and into storage in Edmonton) until we find a place here.

Speaking of which, anyone in Guelph and area who wants to buy some furniture, exercise equipment etc. cheap please check out our stuff for sale.

With Pauline's job at the Sturgeon hospital in St Albert working out really well, and with me working from home, we're actually contemplating living out there rather than in Edmonton proper. Given that, hard to justify the daily commute really, both for time and environmental reasons (plus we'd probably be able to get rid of the second car).

While St Albert has its good points (a nice downtown, great farmer's market, a great park and trail system, rolling hills) it's urban sprawl personified. The newer cookie cutter suburbs (or heaven forbid the outlying 'acreage' communities) with the McMansions and where you have to drive everywhere don't really do it for us. Maybe we'll find some nice places in the older areas.

Thinking also about heading to Portland end of September for the annual Tcl/Tk get together; haven't made it to one of those in a while.