Kudos for 20 years in the internet business!

Congratulations to Stefan of small business enabler WinWeb as he reminisces on 20 years of participating in the internet industry.

WinWeb is one of those low-hype, high-value, long-term businesses that is really going out there and making a difference in the life of small business owners, helping them leverage the internet as a tool so that they can run their businesses more effectively. This is decidedly not one of these breathless "if you adopt our ground-breaking new business paradigm which we came up with in the shower this morning" ideas, but a collection of decidedly unsexy but essential tools and services offered at an affordable price. It stands in the background and helps reduce the friction of all those routine unpleasant things so small business owners can focus more on their business.

We should celebrate these types of businesses far more often than we do.