Sinking in to Alberta

It's been a busy time the last month or so, both good and bad, but I guess that's partly to be expected in the transition time that we're in.

On the quite recent front, we finalized a house purchase yesterday (a week after it went on the market). It's a quite nice 20 year old two-story on a small cul-de-sac backing onto a ravine in a don't-have-to-drive-everywhere part of St. Albert. We get possession around end of November.

I guess I have to make some obligatory comment given its the first day of snow here, while back in Ontario it's still a bit more comfortable.

And because I still refuse to live in Alberta politically, I'll pick out only one incident on the intolerance and racism front which actually had a bright side to it. A transexual teacher was dumped by the Catholic school board in St. Albert (which is somehow the "public" school board) for the reasons one would imagine from such an open-minded organization. The bright side though is that there was actually a public outcry about this, heavily criticizing almost every aspect of the situation as far as the school board's actions, behaviour, responsibilities, ethics, funding, morals, role in the community, and more.

If you stand on your head, deprive yourself of oxygen, imbibe the substance that guy over there on the street corner is peddling, and squint just the right way, you'd think there might be a tiny glimmer of hope for this province yet.